Clients Dream?

Just wanted to do a quick post of our teams progress of our team. The team has worked hard but there was always some issues that every team has within during a long progress like this. What we have done was work with the company Elkins Auto. A large car dealership that is located in […]

Consumer’s Views

Advertising has been a very large thing to the people of today. As the number of people in the world change their day to day process, so does the way we receive advertising. The average person tends to see up to 10,000 ads per day (Saxon).  Weather they are walking around or sitting at their […]

NFL and its Marketing

The NFL has been around for little over ninety-seven years with it going to have another birthday pretty soon. Like all sports it has started a long history and had to start its way from the bottom. Today it has become one of the top Sport industries in the world with having the highest amount […]

Marketing Agencies

Mike Arbogast the Co-Founder of Inter Action Media a Marketing Agency came to visit the college of Wesleyan on September 11th teaching the young students of all business majors his views and what the Marketing life is like for anyone that is interested many students came to see as well as clients and former clients […]